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Who we are

SilkBridge is a boutique consulting firm, founded by Lauren Nan. She spent her formative years in China, then undertook her further education and career in Europe, so she is ideally placed to assist you in achieving your Global ambitions.  

Lauren is fluent in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French and English. She has over a decade of corporate experience, working in the worldwide leading financial institutions such as Rothschild, Credit Agricole, Caversham and amongst others. She has advised and assisted a number of family’s wealth structures including Trusts, Foundations and Companies worldwide to manage their overseas investments.

Over this time, Lauren developed a passion for helping entrepreneurs, families and businesses alike to develop their Global business presence and operations using her extensive expertise and networks in Asia and Europe.

Lauren’s business credentials are well recognised; in addition to being a qualified STEP member and being honoured as the Country Director for China and South Korea in CCIINDIA, she is also a member of Asia Society and SCCC. 

We are Your Asian Partner!

What we do

We Help to Expand into Asia!

At SilkBridge, we understand that although the world is getting smaller through technological advances, there are still vast cultural and regulatory chasms that need to be navigated.

We are passionate about helping organisations increase their global brand impact, and assisting them in realising their future growth potential.

We also enable entrepreneurs to unlock investment insights, discover challenging new market entry points, and to achieve sustainable growth in line with their unique objectives.

We offer a full advisory service to help expand your global presence. 

What makes us different

Our unique experience, expertise and network allow us to get your business into Asian markets quickly, effectively
and affordably. In addition:

  • We help you avoid common mistakes made by foreign companies with limited knowledge of the market.
  • We help you avoid unnecessary expenditures often incurred by foreigners.
  • We navigate you through the cultural complexities of doing business there.
  • We know equally well both Western and Eastern business world. They both are our homeland.